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Summary - Freelance News Cameraman and Freelance SNG Operator.
In 1997, I began full-time freelancing as a cameraman for Channel 7 Brisbane, and Channel 10 in North Queensland. During that time, I also took on the weekend camera position at Channel 10 till the newsroom closed in 2001. The day after the newsroom closed, I was offered the opportunity to become a Freelance SNG Operator as well. My first job took me to Pakistan. 
My freelance business went very well for many years, and took me to many countries. In 2008, I started as the Engineering Manager at MDD Teleport in Malaysia. I was there for 2 years assisting in training of their staff. 
After I left Malaysia, I returned to back to Townsville as a Freelance Cameraman, but also running an SNG for IP-Uplinks (Pacific) from North Queensland. We assist in covering breaking news and sport for all Australian and various International Networks. And also many international events. 
June 2013, I returned to Malaysia as the Director, Business Development for MDD where I was for 2 years earlier. In Feb 2014, I returned to Australia. 
The media has been kind to me now for many years..
"Just received footage in the mail – haven’t heard interview yet – but the vision is absolutely superb. Exactly what we’re after and beautifully captures the Big Australia Project feel." 
-- Big Australia Project, TV Series - Southern Cross TV
"Thanks for the footage. The shots are great and exactly what I wanted. So Thank you." 
-- Broadcast Client, Sydney